I’m Emily, owner of Heartthrob Weddings and Events. I do anything and everything wedding and event-planning related. I have a background in psychology, research, and project management, all of which are extremely useful in the wedding world! I approach wedding planning with a sense of humor, curiosity, and mindfulness. I’m sensitive to the fact that weddings are unlike any other event, because they are highly emotionally charged. It is so important to me to form meaningful relationships with clients, so I can help them execute their vision, stay on track and keep everyone calm and focused. I believe love comes in all forms, and joyfully welcome couples from all walks of life. I’m particularly passionate about celebrations that focus on inclusion and are authentic to the style and values of the couple. Basically, I’m your wedding-whisperer. I encourage clients to work together as partners during the planning process, and not focus on traditional bride and groom roles. I want you to be true to yourself, and will help you navigate the sometimes intimidating universe of wedding planning. Whatever you dream up, we can do!