Real things real people have really asked me



Q: Why do I need a wedding planner? 

A: Your wedding is unlike any other event you’ll plan. You may have experience with planning, budgets, and spreadsheets, but you won’t have had the experience of trying to orchestrate a beautiful event that also involves the emotional roller coaster that is exchanging vows and saying “I pick you, for always.” Unlike a corporate luncheon, a wedding is all the stress of planning something possibly a year away, with the added intensity of pressure from family and friends, making big, joint decisions, keeping an eye on budgets, and hopefully still loving your partner when the process is over!


Q: What about my mom and my best friend/sister/maid of honor? Can’t they help with all that stuff?

A: Yes, they totally can help, but you’ll also want them to be involved in the joy of your day, not running around for hours, sweating and moving things. Your close friends and family will want to help, and there will certainly be enough going on that everyone will feel like they have an important job to do. There will be toasts to make, pictures to take, dancing to do—believe me, they won’t have much downtime to make sure all 10 lanterns are set up the way you specified. Trust me.


Q: The venue I picked has a site-rep. Isn't that the same as a coordinator?

A: No. The site-rep is someone legally obligated to be present at various points throughout your wedding day. They will not help wrangle your wedding party, will not set up or take down any inventory, will not load cars at the end of the night, nor help with your timeline in any way.


Q: I have a lot of creative friends who are photographers/event producers/musicians/florists/DJs/chefs, so can I just have them do some stuff for me?

A: Ah yes, friendors! It is a beautiful thing to have creatives in your life who want to help with flowers/music/food/etc. However, we want to make sure these people are still your friends at the end of this process! Sometimes the casual friendor situation can backfire and leave you with something you didn’t want or felt forced into. The pushy aunt who is also a “florist” might not create something you really want, and that is when a wedding planner can serve as a buffer and guide so that you’re not stuck saying “ok” to every friend who has a special talent. Again, I bet your friends will want to hang out and drink champagne with you on your day, not set up hundreds of homemade macarons. Just sayin’.