Love Letters from past Heartthrob Couples

Shannon + Will. Oakland, CA. 2019.

“A DREAM to work with! Where can I even begin? If you are planning a wedding your very first step should be to reach out to Emily.

We hired Emily as our wedding planner for our March 9th, 2019 wedding and it was the best decision we made during our planning process. Not only is Emily a joy to be around, the most organized person you will ever meet, so funny, and amazingly creative but she will always be 10 steps ahead of you during your planning process and will ensure that you stay cool, calm, collected and ready for your big day. My wedding was hands down the best day of my life (my husband says the same thing). There wasn't one thing we were stressed about, and the entire day was insanely beautiful. When looking for a planner, it's so important to find someone who you can personally connect with, and you will find nobody more personable than Emily (my family is obsessed with her and wants to adopt her as their own).
My wedding was only a few weeks ago and I already miss her. I'm excited to seeing her in the future as I will be recommending her to every person I know who gets engaged :)”

Katie + Casey. Venice Beach, CA. 2018.

“Even though Emily was in California and we are in Chicago…she made us feel special and comfortable while planning our elopement. The day of our elopement was as special as we could have ever imagined. Emily went far above and beyond, we couldn't appreciate her more. We recommend Heartthrob Wedding and Events 10/10. You will not be disappointed.” 

Lilly + James. Topanga Canyon, CA. 2018.

“Please, do yourself a favor and HIRE EMILY…She was a life-saver every step of the way. She just turned a totally overwhelming task into a manageable, even *enjoyable* process. Each time I met with her my anxiety was displaced with excitement because a) she loves weddings and partnerships and love so deeply and its beautiful and contagious, b) she's just the most calm, competent, assertive person... the exact person you want on your side when negotiating contracts, hiring people, etc, and c) she has worked with a LOT of vendors and every person she recommended was incredible: professional, great to work with, and amazing at what they do….Our wedding day was a joyful, emotional, magical experience in large part because she took care of all of the logistics so gracefully! … What a gift!! We were able to relax and have fun…There's absolutely no way we could have done all that without her wisdom, guidance, experience, competence, and emotional support.”

Meg + Brett. Hollywood, CA. 2018.

“From the moment we hired Emily we were in constant contact with her. From florals to decor to crowns to napkins to paper moons -- I asked her opinion on it all. She's got impeccable taste and I constantly went to her asking for feedback, which she always responded to promptly. She was a blast to work with and honestly our wedding was beyond magical… So many people have said to us it was the best wedding they'd ever been to. I know during the wedding both my husband and I turned to each other and said--"This really is the best wedding!" We had so much fun, there was so much love and it really looked and felt beyond magical--and Emily helped in all aspects for months. We couldn't have done it without her! THANK YOU, EMILY!”

Allison + Easton. Hollywood, CA. 2017.

"Emily SAVED our wedding, no joke. We picked an unconventional venue that boasted wedding experience and claimed to provide an all-inclusive package (including food, bar, servers, and coordinator). We booked in November 2016, paid our 50% deposit... and then could not get ahold of anyone for 6 months.  Long story short, the venue was in the process of closing down and our "coordinator" quit without notice -- we found all this out 30 days before the wedding. A friend referred me to Emily, and it was truly a blessing….And aside from her extremely high level of competence and professionalism, she is kind, hilarious, and creative. Emily turned what should have been wedding disaster into a beautiful, memorable night -- many of our friends said it was the best wedding they had ever been to. The venue has since closed down, but the photos and memories of our beautiful wedding will last forever thanks to Emily's hard work and dedication to her clients' happiness. THANK YOU, HEARTTHROB WEDDINGS!!"

David + Danielle. Joshua Tree, CA. 2017.

Our wedding day was everything we could have ever wanted: A magical ceremony and reception under the Joshua Tree sun and night sky made even more complete and enjoyable by knowing that all the particulars were being handled by Emily and her team. Her genuine eagerness to ensure that our day was everything we could ever hope for was not overlooked and greatly appreciated…What a relief.  Emily helped with so many of the particulars that we would have overlooked and really just helped iron out some nuances that we never even would have thought of had it not been for her valuable experience…Thank you so much, Emily.

Kelly + Jacinto. Russian River Valley, CA. 2017.

"Emily is a lifesaver! When I first met her I was instantly impressed by her confidence and organization. Whenever we had a question about this or that Emily knew the answer and if she didn't she would definitely find out. We worked with her about 3 months prior to our wedding that took place on the Russian River and although it rained, Emily made sure we were prepared with clear umbrellas, tenting and warmth. There is so much that goes into a destination wedding of 140 people and Emily handled it with flying colors. I would recommend Heartthrob to anyone that needs a planner to take the reigns but still make it exactly the wedding you envisioned."


Marguerite + Eric. Venice Beach, CA. 2016.

"My advice, as a now married person, is that if you're even asking yourself whether you need a wedding coordinator, YOU DO!!…Luckily, we found Emily who became our month-of coordinator slash sometimes therapist slash future best friend. Emily was organized, communicative, enthusiastic and genuine. I feel she understood my vision right away and she worked with all our vendors to make sure I was relaxed in the days and weeks leading up to the wedding. The day before and the day of went off FLAWLESSLY. Emily and her assistants handled all the logistics so my husband and I could relax with our guests. I truly cannot recommend her more highly and my only regret is that the wedding happened so I don't have an excuse to email her daily anymore. In retrospect the #1 thing I am most grateful that I spent money on was getting Emily as a wedding coordinator.


Josh + Braden. Salt Lake City, UT. 2015.

"OK, so where do I start? My wedding was amazing and probably 90% of that was because of Emily. The other 10% was how amazing my husband looked and cocktails. Emily helped coordinate the wedding and was there for all of the last-minute things that pop up. (Side note—you might think you have every detail nailed down—you don’t.) Emily helped me navigate everything from the ceremony to my emotions. As our officiant, she was a literal angel. She spoke to us and our audience in a way that wrapped us up in love. Witty, gracious, and kind. I still think about her words and smile. "